Shipping Information

We are very experienced at shipping and observe every precaution to ensure that birds arrive safely. We ship from West Palm Beach, Florida, and make arrangements to just about any major city in the United States. We ship only via Delta Airlines, having done so for over 25 years without any incidents other than an occasional delay. Our first consideration is the safety and well being of the birds being shipped.

Whenever possible, non-stop or direct (not connecting) flights are selected. This may mean traveling to a more distant airport to eliminate a connection or a late-night arrival in times of extremely warm weather. We prefer to ship mid-week, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Fewer vacation travelers mid-week result in less checked baggage and less chance of mix-ups.

We ship only fully weaned birds. We use an airline-approved Kennel. Each carrier is prepared with plenty of food and juicy fruits to provide moisture, enough to last several days in the event of a delay or misdirected flight.

Day and time of shipping (weather permitting) are mutually agreed upon between shipper and purchaser. Flight number and arrival time are confirmed with the buyer by telephone within 24 hours before flight. The Air Waybill number is also given at this time, along with pick up instructions. Although every effort is made to ship on the agreed-upon schedule, individual airlines may impose shipping restrictions during certain periods of extreme weather.