Cockatoo is a bird that lives in the cockatoo family. Cockatoos are incredibly popular as pets and are mostly found in Australia and the nearby islands. Cockatoos are attractive and charming friends because of their clever, curious, and playful manner and their ability to converse and mimic human speech.

30 – 43 cm / 12 – 17 inches in length
Life expectancy ranges from 40 to 80 years.

Cockatoo Facts

Cockatoos are one of the most popular pet birds in the Parrot family. They are stunningly beautiful birds with impressive talking abilities. Cockatoos are stunning, loving, and gregarious creatures who exude intelligence, playfulness, inquisitiveness, and enchantment.


The majority of Cockatoos are white, although some come in a variety of colors, including grays and pinks, blacks, and deep blue in the case of the Palm.

The Cockatoo’s Origins

Cockatoos come in over 40 different species and are found in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.


Cockatoos are energetic and friendly kind of birds. They are “cuddly” and form strong bonds with their owners. However, because of their friendliness and desire for affection, they require a lot of time from their owners. Cockatoos who are deprived of affection grow melancholy or develop neurotic behaviors. They are inquisitive, playful, and mischievous, as well as being somewhat loud. They are a little excitable. Therefore they don’t always get along with small children.

As A Pet, A Cockatoo

Cockatoos are highly social animals who must spend time outside their cages and with their owners each day. Cockatoos make fantastic pets because of their natural curiosity and desire for attention. They make adorable pets because of their “cuddly” behavior. They merely yearn for attention and compassion from their caretakers.

They can immediately bond with their owners with a little instruction. Each Cockatoo has its own personality. However, the majority of them are gentle. They enjoy learning new things and practicing them, such as singing, playing, laughing, and dancing. They can also do a variety of tricks and like getting baths. Cockatoos have excellent vocal powers and are voracious chewers, all of which should be considered before getting one as a pet.


The form of the cage is also crucial for the bird. For parrots, square or rectangular cages are preferable. Examine the security system thoroughly before purchasing the cage.

The cage should be the following size:

24″ W x 24″ H x 24″ D (about)

5/8″ to 3/4″ bar spacing
The more space in the cage, the better. To withstand the Cockatoo’s powerful beak, a sturdy cage (worked iron or stainless steel) is required. Cockatoos will be able to exercise by scaling the cage’s sides thanks to horizontal bar wires.


A suitable diet should be offered to a cockatoo in order to keep it happy and comfortable. Pellets, vegetables, nuts, fruits, small-sized pasta, cooked chicken or turkey, and various bits and pieces of food make up a pet Cockatoo’s usual diet.

Many people actually prefer cooked vegetables to fresh vegetables.

For a happy and healthy Cockatoo, provide lots of freshwaters.

Be aware that a prepared diet can cause a Cockatoo to become bored, which can lead to bad behavior.

Make a tiny parrot mix and add it to your bird’s usual diet as a supplement.

Vitamin supplements can be sprinkled on their diet or added to their drinking water.

Avocado, cabbage, parsley, and iceberg lettuce should never be fed to your bird.

Remember that your pet’s diet will help it stay healthy and happy.

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