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The Hyacinth Macaws are very affectionate birds by nature. They are easily trained and tend to bond strongly with their human caregivers. Despite their tremendous strength, this is one of the most laid back and easy-going of all of the macaws. The most striking part of a Hyacinth Macaw is its cobalt blue plumage.

Origin of the Hyacinth Macaw

The native lands of the Hyacinth Macaws include North-Eastern, Central and South-Western Brazil, eastern Bolivia, and North Eastern Paraguay.

Size: 88 cm / 34.64 inches
Life Expectancy: 55 – 80 years

The Hyacinth Macaw is almost entirely blue and has black under the wings. It has a large black beak with bright yellow along the sides of the lower part of the beak and also yellow circling its eyes. The female and male are nearly indistinguishable, although the female is typically a bit more slender.

The hyacinth macaw, or blue macaw, is the largest of all parrots whose coloration is a stunning cobalt blue. It requires more intensive care than other birds and is not well-suited for an introduction to bird care. However, given the right living conditions and training, a hyacinth macaw can be a wonderful addition to your household. Their great beauty with a perpetual smile, sweet fun-loving nature, and rarity make them one of the most desirable of all birds.

The beautiful, cobalt-blue hyacinth macaw is the largest of all parrots. It is a rare and threatened species that should be kept only by a very dedicated owner who can provide for needs that are as large as the bird itself. This is a bird that is more common in zoos than it is in private homes—and for good reason.

Hyacinth Macaw As A Pet

A Hyacinth Macaw is smart and inquisitive. If a Hyacinth Macaw baby is shy when you get him, it will normally not take much time to get him to respond to affection from you. However, training a Hyacinth Macaw is vital. An untrained Hyacinth Macaw can cause many bloody fingers around the house.

Because these birds demand more time and attention than other species, Hyacinth Macaws are definitely not the right pets for just anybody. Large, beautiful, and intelligent, they can be quite alluring — but resist the temptation to bring a Hyacinth home without thoroughly thinking it through!

Hyacinths have been called the most friendly of the Macaws, and in general, they do seem to take more of an interest in humans than certain other species. If you have the time, finances, and space to devote to a Hyacinth Macaw, you may just find that these bright blue beauties are the birds of your dreams.

About Us

We pride ourselves on the personal service and proper education of which these feathered companions are so deserving. Our Hyacinth Macaw birds are batch tested for Polyoma, Psittacosis, Beak & Feather, and PDD. All medium and large parrots are individually tested for the aforementioned diseases, with files kept on each bird and their respective test results. All boarding birds require test results for your peace of mind.

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Specializing in hand raising and hand feeding Hyacinth Macaws for Sale (Blue Parrots) making quality pet companions for you and your family. We have the healthiest, well socialized, and handfed baby Hyacinth birds raised in a loving environment by our knowledgeable, well-trained staff.

All of our babies’ Hyacinth Macaws are handfed closed banded and raised with loving attention. We have completed regular veterinary inspections and meeting standards established to improve the care and breeding of exotic birds.

We strive to provide our birds Hyacinth Macaws with the healthiest food, safest toys, and most social environment. Each day we rotate all Hyacinth birds out of their cage to spend time on our natural hanging wood floor-stands, so they can play ‘king of the tree’ with their buddies and learn to socialize with other birds (and you! Yes, we encourage you to handle the birds properly.

Hyacinth Macaws for Sale

Our staff of avian experts is ready to assist you with finding the appropriate baby to join your family. Here at Bird Paradise, we help you select a companion bird that fits your household. We take the time to guide you through your decision, ensuring that birds and owners are a good match. The staff at Bird Paradise knows birds and we are here to help and answer all your questions.

We have the Best Hyacinth Macaw food. Our blends are customized and carefully formulated with the highest quality, healthy ingredients.

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Hyacinth Macaw Store strives on providing a one of a kind experience ensuring that you leave the store feeling like you are part of the family. Our dedication to supporting small breeders and local hobbyists stems from our love for these magnificent creatures, as well as our ability to provide babies, which come from loving and healthy homes. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of birds and our ability to aid you with any problems or questions you may have. We aim to give you the best experience in which we can provide going out of our way to make you feel at home.

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